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Why are WordPerfect users so passionate?

Hello! For those of you that don’t know me - my name is Peter Hanschke - I’m the Director of Product Management for the Productivity Software Group here at Corel. I look after WordPerfect, Perfect Authority, Corel Office, PDF Fusion and the just released WordPerfect eBook Publisher add-on. Since my arrival last year, I’ve been getting to know some of our users, and my impression is that we have a very loyal and passionate user base and a strong team at Corel that cares deeply about these users.

I was at the recent LegalTech show in New York to get a feel for the community we serve. I was blown away by the shear passion that users have for WordPerfect. Over the course of 3 days I couldn't get over how many users came to the booth to talk about their uses of WordPerfect. It was a real pleasure to see such passion for a product ...very few products elicit such passion. But the product manager in me always has to ask 'why'. Why is there such passion? Why did attendees make a beeline to our booth to tell their WordPerfect story?  I read a blog from early 2011 that reported a statistic from a survey where 14% of the law firms and legal departments who responded said they used WordPerfect. In a world dominated by MS Office, I'm proud to say that we have a solid position in this community. I'm convinced that the reason for this passion is because our users believe that we've built a product that meets their needs like no other ... and some of them have believed this for more than 20 years.

There are many reasons why people love WordPerfect, and they are not necessarily all the same reasons. The Reveal Codes feature is probably the best known. But what are some of the other features that WordPerfect users absolutely love? By looking through the results of recent formal and informal research and talking to users, I discovered the following that are ranked high amongst our users.

1) Have you ever had a PDF that you needed to change but have lost the source file? Whether the PDF was created in Word, WordPerfect, Notepad or scanned? Maybe it's a single page or maybe it's an entire document. You could always retype it - but that's very time-consuming and prone to errors. WordPerfect's PDF's capabilities will read the PDF and make it editable. You can then make your changes and save it as a WordPerfect file, a Doc file or even back as a PDF.

2) Do you need your invoice to fit on one page? Are you submitting a paper that can only be six pages long? WordPerfect's Make It Fit feature adjusts fonts, margins, and line spacing settings to suit the space - saving you time and making your document look professional. You can make selected text or all text in a document fit a specific number of pages.

3) Are you ever stuck with an old file that your software cannot open and you end up having to actually retype it from scratch? This problem is not likely to happen with WordPerfect since we've been supporting the WPD file format - both ways - all the way back to the 1990's! And we are 100% committed to stay the course. Need to view your WPD files on your iPhone(r) or iPad(r)? We have an app for that (available on the Apple App Store)!
4) Ever receive documents (or bring in text from other software) that you need to finish up and get out the door in a hurry – but you cannot seem to figure out how to remove bold or text color or there is a page-break that should no longer be there? Reveal Codes in WordPerfect is legendary when it comes to managing formatting in your document. Turn on Reveal Codes and delete the unwanted formatting.

My goal is to continue the tradition of making a product that excites our users and is useful to them.  With 74% of our current WordPerfect legal users being Very Satisfied with the product, and a star rating of 4.3 on Amazon.com (as voted by first-time users of WordPerfect) I’d say that we are doing a good job. Could we do a better job? We will always strive to do better!

I look forward to meeting more customers and invite you to write about your favorite feature as a reply to this post or on our FaceBook page (www.facebook.com/wordperfectoffice) ...I’d like to hear your story.

  • Hello Mr Hanschke

    Corel includes Paradox 11 with WP X5 Pro version but Corel does not seem very excited to be offering what was and may still be the best relational data base program.

    There is talk Corel may drop Paradox. I'm hoping you can assure that won't happen.

    Paul aka Pkw


  • Hi Pkw,

    Thanks for commenting on my blog.

    I'm not sure where that talk is coming from, but Paradox is not being dropped.


  • Not commenting on WP, which I use since version 4.2, but on the total lack of documentation to go with Paradox.

    I tried the tutorial, which lost me on the way and looking for beginners books gave 0 results.  Can Corel do something about that ?


  • I consider WP's menu, features, and options to be more user-friendly that its competitor.  

    It's pretty obvious:  Excel and PP always have been good programs (I've used the latter a few times but not the former), good enough that they were never free "throw-ins" i.e you had to pay for them.  But Word always was - and still is - an inferior product.  Why else was it given away free until just a few years ago?  MS's "freebie" strategy worked in that enough individuals and organizations took the freebie over the years to the extent where it became "standard," after which MS began charging for it.  But it's still an inferior product.

    I'm aware that Excel is a good program but I'm plenty satisfied with QuattroPro, ever since the mid-90s when it began featuring the 3-D spreadsheets.

    Re. Presentations, I'll admit that I'm tempted to switch to PP, both for its universality and 1-2 features in Presentations that frustrate me.  But alas, MS only offers PP as a bundle; it's literally cheaper to buy the entire suite rather than just PP.  And I can't be certain that my issue with some of Presentations' features isn't also present in PP.

  • Hi. I've just registered with the Blog site because I wanted to say that I have just looked at the new X6 specs. I have used Wordperfect for about as long as it has been around, which means that I have thousands of files in wpd format, but I have become increasingly disappointed with the last few releases of Wordperfect. It seems to me that Corel is uninterested in making any significant attempt to bring WP users into the modern world. What is the point of having the greatest word processor on my desktop or laptop if I cannot then easily use my wpd files on my iphone? Never mind that rather pointless WP reader for the iphone. If I want just to read the files, I can pdf them and send them to the iphone, which happily reads pdfs. I need to be able to edit my wpd files on the iphone. Has no one at Corel noticed that a Word user has no problem whatsoever in getting apps that will read and edit Word files. There is probably no device which does not allow Word users to edit their files. So, if you want customers to stay with you, then get with it and start supporting them. It cannot be difficult to write an app that will read and edit wpd files. Please think about this piece of lunacy: I have to turn my wpd files into .doc files in order to do any work with them when I am on the move, which by the way most people nowadays often are. I love Wordperfect, but it is really getting hard to rationalise staying with you guys. I realise that years ago you had to do a deal with the devil to survive financially, but it is now time that Corel started producing product which gives their loyal followers--the people who pay the salaries--what they need to be productive. I upgraded to X4 and 5, but I cannot see any reason to go up to X6 because it is just going to mean saving my files in .doc. I might as well get the real thing.

  • Hi Waltman,

    I have the Paradox User Guide. Please let me know if you'd like me to send you a copy.


  • Hi,

    I've been (and still I am) a WordPerfect user for nearly 25 years, but now, slowly, I am slowing down and switching to other word processors. Reason is, WordPerfect does not use Unicode, neither is their any guarantee that it will in the future. I have edited articles and scientific books with WordPerfect, in multi-languages-environment, but now, as there is Unicode ...

    If Corel switches to Unicode, I sure will switch fully to WordPerfect again! And I guess that there are more power-users like me outside who do not complain but just step back slowly. WordPerfect is a great word processor, it is more comfortable and function-friendly than any processor I know  - except for Unicode.

  • I have been a WP user for more years than I care to remember, have thousands of documents in WP format. I've just upgraded to 6X and for the first time ever I'm going to return it. Reason? The ebook publisher is again not main stream but off in a corner with Kindle format. And since I have upgraded, I can no longer insert graphics without crashing. Help is much more difficult to get to - I am now needing to consider my loyalty. Version 6X is being returned!  I am a very unhappy WP user!!

  • You seem to be the perfect person to answer this question. I see from the last post that the eBook Publisher, which I could not find, is "off in a corner". Which corner would that be? I've searched the whole disk, but obviously missed it. I tried within WP to see if it said anything about publishing to MOBI, but it didn't. I tried looking in the Add-ons, but it wasn't there either. I've posted this question around this site and hope for an answer soon. I use WP in my new job as a legal transcriptionist, and got this version because of the eBook Publisher.

  • Okay, I've found the eBook Publlisher.. Now, how do you publish your work in mobi? Can't seem to find that.

  • I am still passionate about WP, but WPX6 barely resembles it. I can't even tell you how disappointed I am.

    Please let me know how to return this horrible mistake.

  • Like most of us, I have been using WordPerfect for centuries, since around 1984 to be exact.  I own a license copy of almost every version from 5.0 DOS through X6.  When people accuse me of being old fashioned because I still use WordPerfect, I simply reply that it does what I need to do.  

    I routinely make service books in English and Church Slavonic ("Old Russian") and nobody has been able to show me how to do this in the alternative word processor.  The reveal codes have saved me hours of grief.  Every year for the Russian Festival I make two books full with photographs.  I would not even try to do this in the alternative word processor.

    I also love the language support.  I routinely use Russian, but frequently I also use French, Spanish, or Greek.  The spell check in these languages have been extremely helpful.  I have inserted Georgian characters as well as Hebrew characters at times.

    But I am very upset with the WordPerfect X6 upgrade since it would not recognize any of my licenses.  Why should a loyal customer be forced to purchase the software at full price?  I do think that Corel needs to give their customers much better support.  Like shiny beige I'm very disappointed now.  But I hope that somebody can get me back on the right track.

  • Unfortunately, I'll be one user that may not upgrade anymore since WP does NOT support Unicode.

    I NEED a word processor that supports other languages other than English (i.e. Asian Characters). WP has refused to support Unicode as it's been noted in several WP online forums/blogs for MANY years. WP is essentially for the North American market and certain parts of Europe hence it's small base of users.

    Without the support of Unicode, then WP is essentially worthless for those of us that don't always use English when writing.

    I've supported WP for many years since... H.S./college years so long ago... only to be disappointed that it doesn't support Asian characters.

    It's too bad that Corel limits itself and WP to such a small community of users instead of branching. WP "used" to be the relative best in word processing before MS Word overtook it years ago and is relegated as the alternative to MS Word.

    I like WP for its relative ease of use and functionality compared to MS Word but it's time to move on.

  • The reason WordPerfect users are so passionate is essentially the same reason that Mac users are passionate.  Users believe that there has been a true effort to get things right; to solve problems rather than allow the customer to make the best of a bad situation; to be at the forefront of creativity rather than follow the trend; to be completely user-friendly.  Therefore, it is astounding that Corel has not figured out that Mac users would be their most loyal customers, if WordPerfect worked on a Mac without having to run the dreaded, clunky, inelegant Microsoft OS.  I was a loyal WordPerfect user from  Version 3.0 for DOS until Version 12. When my wife and children began using Mac's five years ago, I saw first-hand the mistake I had made over the years by sticking with a PC.  Three years ago I switched to both an IMac and a Macbook Pro.  I ran VMWare for severe months just to continue using WordPerfect, but soon realized that the bugginess of Microsoft's OS was driving me nuts and was ruining my computing experience.  WordPerfect is good, but I would rather work around the various problems of Page -- and even Word -- rather than the many problems of Windows.  You have a superior product and Mac is still on the rise, while Windows is still basically garbage by comparison.  Wise up and make the world's best word-processing program universally available.  There are tens of thousands of users waiting to switch back

  • Hello Mr Hanschke,

    Just upgraded to WPOffice XP6. Started using WP when it still ran on DOS. So disappointed with the new version. Again no support for Unicode. Why? Is that really such a hard change to impliment.

    Living in Taiwan I use Chinese on a daily basis. It is only because I have a long back log of WP documents that I stay with WordPerfect and also because Quattro is so much better than anything else on the market. BUT it to lost its ability to handle Chinese characters.