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Crashing when opening files or inserting

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Writeguy Posted: Fri, Jun 1 2012 10:28 PM

If I open WP X5, then attempt to open a file to work on, be it a letterhead or ongoing project, the program stalls, then crashes and windows asks if I want to report it (which I don't because they probably caused it in the first place).  Same with attempting to insert any graphic.

This happened a few years ago with WP12, I did some housekeeping cleaning chores on the computer and the problem went away.  This time no soap.  I can go to my directory and open the file, which opens WP for me but I cannot insert anything and I work with graphics in my projects, it's my living.  Now I am dead in the water.  Am running on Windows XP, latest version with SP3.  Suggestions?

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Possible document (or template) corruption. See

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Writeguy replied on Mon, Jun 11 2012 9:45 AM

Thanks but that doesn't help a bit.  As soon as I click on open or insert and select either a file or folder, WP freezes, then crashes.  It does this with ANY file.

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lemoto replied on Mon, Jun 11 2012 10:01 AM

Please check the notes about malfunctioning WP in this thread.


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