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"mail" merge to e-mails

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murphbill posted on Wed, Oct 17 2012 8:23 PM

I have to send e-mails to individual members containing data items from a quattro pro work sheet.

The sheet contains the e-mail addresses as one of the columns.  How can I send the merged file as individual e-mails?  Is there a separator that can be inserted so that Thunderbird will recognize the page as a new e-mail?  Would the hard page separator do that?

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admin replied on Mon, Oct 22 2012 3:27 PM

You are using the WordPerfect Merge function and the Quattro Pro sheet as a data source?

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Within the Merge dialog, select the Output as "Email" rather than a document, it'll then ask you which field to use for the email addresses and it allows you to select a Subject.

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