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quick correct not working properly

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kjetilniki Posted: Tue, Jun 9 2009 10:40 AM

winxp wpx3

i had set up thhth as a quick correct for Thornton Heath

all of a sudden yesterday it started converting to thoth.

i have redone and rechecked both qcorrect and qword

and changed the wt13uk.uwl to no avaial.

if i recollect correctly i have had asimiilar provblem with another quickcorerect

i have no entry in in quickwordf for this

any ideas?


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Start Spell Checker but do not close it, select No.  Select the Options button and check your user word list.  Or, use the Spell Checker utility to do this.  You may need to add an exception.

If you are not fully patched, you should do that first.  Be sure to backup any files.  You need be careful about that. has an FAQ on what files to backup.

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thhth shows as thornton heath in spelchecker user word list

when close still converts as thoth

even when spellckr open converts as thoth

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