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  • Re: Bad support formulas in files xlsx opened in Quattro Pro X6.

    I've opened the file in QuattroPro X7. It is quite slow to open, and shows the same issue as before. However, it does open, allowing for the missing values. I believe the issue has already been reported to our development team. However, I will double check that it is reported to our development team...
    Posted to General Feedback (Forum) by dougki on Mon, Apr 21 2014
  • Quattro Pro X4 automatically converts dates

    Quattro Pro automatically recognizes dates, converts them to a number, and then back to a date. For example, if I enter "01/28/14" into a cell, it converts this to "41667", which then displays as "01/28/14". However, if I want to add a second date to the cell (e.g. "01...
    Posted to General Feedback (Forum) by basil on Thu, Feb 6 2014
  • Re: Quattro Pro - Issues?

    I have been a WordPerfect fan since version 3-something. I now use X3 and downloaded X5 on my laptop using Vista to see if the issues on QP have been fixed, but, no. I am one that "would rather fight than switch." But QP continually freezes up and the system says that the program is not responding...
    Posted to General Feedback (Forum) by wgoulding1 on Tue, Nov 26 2013
  • QP X6 abnormal behavior

    I have found no solution in the net, so am I the only one using QP any more, or am I the only one having this problem? The problems (if not connected somehow) or problem: -In normal use some sub menu items (e.g. Edit -> Copy | Paste | Paste special ...) are gray, marking unavailable options, and some...
    Posted to General Feedback (Forum) by hirvela on Thu, Dec 27 2012
  • Re: Entering a date in Quattropro X5

    QP by default will store an entry like 04/06/12 in a cell as a date number on which further math can be performed. One way in which it might store it only as that string of eight characters occurs when the cell is under a "Data Input Constraint" of "Labels only." Setting that for...
    Posted to General Feedback (Forum) by Charles Cork on Thu, Aug 9 2012
  • Re: Impossible to create charts in Quattro Pro X5

    As to #1, I'm not sure what the problem is, because every time I open the "series dialog box", there is a horizontally scrollable set of tabs called Series Options, Trendline, Error Bars, Data Labels, Type Options, Fill, and Line. The Type Options tab gives me the option to have a marker...
    Posted to General Feedback (Forum) by Charles Cork on Mon, May 21 2012
  • Re: Impossible to create charts in Quattro Pro X5

    I find that the Chart Expert automatically makes a chart if the selected cell is in a table of data when method B is invoked, but not if the cursor is in a cell outside such a table. In that case, I agree that the Chart Expert should let you pick ranges for the chart instead of giving an error message...
    Posted to General Feedback (Forum) by Charles Cork on Sun, May 13 2012
  • QP Printing

    Since moving to Win 7, WPO X5, & the necessary new printer (HP Officejet Pro 8000, with most recent driver), I have problems printing from Quattro Pro If I try to print 2-sided copy using my automatic duplexer, the first page is printed, a blank page is printed, & thereafter I cannot print from...
    Posted to General Feedback (Forum) by Don Codling on Fri, Mar 2 2012
  • QP Help file stays on top - how to change this?

    In QP X5, when the help file is open, it stays on top of the notebook, even if the user selects the notebook. This is unlike the WP X5 help file, which behaves like other windows and retreats behind the WP editing window. I was looking for a way to change this behavior of the QP help files, but saw nothing...
    Posted to General Feedback (Forum) by Charles Cork on Thu, Feb 16 2012
  • Quttro X5 doesn't print colour on HP2605DN

    Quattro does not print the color on a spreadsheet when directed to a HP2605DN network printer. If directed to an HP895Cxi (on another network computre) or to a PDF printer then it prints in color; if the spreadsheet is loaded into Excel (2000, 2007, 2010) then it prints in color. This bug has existed...
    Posted to General Feedback (Forum) by c. Garth Hutchinson on Mon, Aug 8 2011
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