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  • Need to find "old" address book

    I have X5. My computer (Windows XP) would no longer boot up. I got a new computer (Windows 7) and installed X5 on it. I am able to access my XP hard drive through a hardware purchase from Microcenter which allows me to see my old hard drive as if it is an external hard drive, and have copied my WordPerfect...
    Posted to General Feedback (Forum) by Lorraine on Tue, Feb 18 2014
  • Opening QuattroPro 6.0 WB2 files in QuattroPro X6

    Hi, I need help. I've been using QuattroPro V6.0 (from Novell Perfect Office V3.0) since 1994 and I've had no problems with it in all the years until now, lately in a laptop running on Windows XP. Now I've inherited a 2 year old computer from my kids, running on Windows 7, but since my 1994...
    Posted to General Feedback (Forum) by Andre Kritzinger on Thu, Dec 26 2013
  • Install feature failure - WP 12

    Since installing Trusteer Rapport and Blackberry Link yesterday I have been getting pop-ups “The feature your are trying to install is on a CD-ROM or ....” “Install the Wordperfect Office 12 disk and click OK” Current system is Windows XP Pro SP3 build 2600 This can neither be...
    Posted to General Feedback (Forum) by OldPierre on Tue, Sep 24 2013
  • Quattro Pro 8

    Recent forced upgrades to my PC have left me unable to run Corel Office 8 (and multiple moves of home and office over the last dozen years mean I can no longer find the original CD to reinstall). I am able to access WordPerfect files with MS Word, but MS Excel does not recognise or open Quattro Pro files...
    Posted to General Feedback (Forum) by Michael B on Sat, Jul 20 2013
  • Word Perfect 11 and WordPerfect X6 opening same file but format and content changed

    Hi All, I had using Word Perfect for a long time, but recently I had upgraded my computer and OS. Old computer: Win XP sp3 32 bit, WP 11with all updates installed. New computer : Win 7 64bit, WP X6 with all updates installed. I copy my old files using a usb flash to the new computer. However I find most...
    Posted to General Feedback (Forum) by templechambers on Wed, May 22 2013
  • Quattro Pro X5: Strikeout Color

    Is there a way to change the strikeout line's color when in the 'strikeou' mode of a font without changing the font color?
    Posted to General Feedback (Forum) by Lynn on Wed, Aug 29 2012
  • Re: @SUM is multiplying by 12

    Thanks for your query Charlie. To answer, Quattro Pro had just been opened and it was a blank, new spreadsheet, with the numeric values entered manually without any special formatting. If he entered the formula manually, or used the quick sum button and altered it using the formula editor button (or...
    Posted to General Feedback (Forum) by Lorraine on Wed, Apr 18 2012
  • Unknown argument... Error Message from custom toolbar - Quattro Pro X5

    Hi, I am getting error message: "Unknown argument type or invalid cell/block {LET}(MACRO:BA8)" after when I am clicking on my icons from custom toolbar. Macro for this icon is looking like that: {BRANCH MACRO:BA8}, the content of cell BA8 from MACRO is: {LET MACRO:BA7,"PRINT"}, BA7...
    Posted to General Feedback (Forum) by lolek on Fri, Sep 2 2011
  • Re: WP X3

    I think I may have lost something in the translation. When I go to Paper size (File:Page Setup.) I only have 2 tabs, Page Set Up and Layout. Page set up only gives choices to the size of the paper, paper orientation of portrait or landscape and margins. The tab for Layout only gives choices for double...
    Posted to General Feedback (Forum) by Marie V Melchiori on Tue, May 24 2011
  • WP X3

    Anyone still using this version? My MFC Brother 7420 printer suddenly stopped using the auto-select feature for printing from WP. Brother says it's WP problem not theirs. I tried File>print>properties>page source>auto select. It still reverts back to Manual. It does not happen when I...
    Posted to General Feedback (Forum) by Marie V Melchiori on Mon, May 23 2011
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