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the ability to print or save as a PDF from WordPerfect 12 disappeared

On 1/22/17about 2:30 p.m., the ability to print or save as a PDF from WordPerfect 12 disappeared.  The bars in the little windows that appear when those functions are requested did not fill in but remained blank.

We have been using the same printer and the same edition of WordPerfect 12 on Windows XP.

We have a lot of data that we need in WordPerfect files -- data which is essential to access for our business.

We have been using WordPerfect for since the early 1990s and have business records that must be accessible.  

How do we fix this?

Many thanks in advance!

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  • Does the repair function work with WP12? If so, you could try that.

    You could also try a 3rd party pdf printing app like CutePDF. WP12 is pretty dated and the pdf functionality has been improved in each of the 6 subsequent versions.
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    How do I find the repair function?
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    It is in the uninstall programs in the Control Panel. Select WP12 from the list of files. Uninstall should be an option. I have WP12 on an XP computer, but will have to boot it into XP. It's been awhile since I have done this. I'll see if I can get the exact details unless someone jumps in with an answer.
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    That's great. I'll wait to hear from you.
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    Control Panel
    Add or Remove Programs - give it time to populate
    Select WordPerfect 12 - Give it time to start the installer then...
    Two buttons: Change or Remove click Change
    then 3 radio buttons: Change...., Repair..., or Remove..... Select Repair and click OK.
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    What's a radio button?
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    Just follow the instructions to that step. It should become obvious what a radio button is. (There are 3 circles, 1 before each of the options. If you click one, a black dot will appear in the circle. If you then click a different one, a dot will appear in that one and the first dot will disappear. Only one can be selected at a time. I guess this is like radio station tuner buttons. Only one station can be selected at a time.)
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    Just got your message from yesterday. Thanks! I'll try it and let you know what happens.