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Quattro Pro X7 "Stop Processing?" box

Been using Qpro for many years and X7 since it's release.  Yesterday I accidentally hit Scoll Lock and after I released it, every action in Qpro creates a "Stop Processing?" dialog box.  If I hit "no" enough times, my desired task will ultimately complete.  If I hit "yes" everything stops.  This is the case for old spreadsheets and brand new empty sheets.  If I create a new sheet, type "a" into cell A1 and then CTL-B to bold, it creates the Stop Processing box.  Hitting "no" twice will bold the "a".

I'm running Windows 7 64 bit.  When I use the same spreadsheets on my laptop (same Windows, same Qpro version), they function correctly so it's something in the QPro setup on this machine.  I went into Control Panel and did a repair on WPX7, but it had no effect.

I can't go on like this - Is there anything short of a complete removal and reinstall that will fix this?  I've seen this problem reported for other Qpro versions, but no clear solution was ever proposed.  

Any help greatly appreciated.

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  • If you launch QPro while holding down the LEFT Shift key, it will be reset to factory defaults. You will be warned that you will lose any customizations. If you dare, that me be worth a try.

    Charles Cork checks in here occasionally. He is a QPro guru. He will probably have better advice.

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    If resetting the program does not work, I would do a clean uninstall (uninstall the program and the folder it was installed to, probably located in C:\\Program Files (x86)). The long way is sometimes shorter.

    You could look at the Format | Define Styles button. Having a weird default style there can sometimes mess up a new spreadsheet. The settings under Tools | Settings | Compatibility could be off. A clean reinstall of the program should fix any of these types of problem.Try briefly turning off you antivirus software?, or running a scan on your system?

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    Unfortunately, I have no real idea what's going on. The only things not already suggested that occur to me would be:

    1) Check to see if you are running a macro automatically, but even then, most if not all of them would allow you to apply bold attributes.

    2) Check to see if the dimensions of your pre-installation spreadsheet are greater than you allow in your compatibility settings, but that shouldn't affect new files.

    So either the left-shift start or the clean re-install may be necessary.

  • In reply to Charles Cork:

    Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions. i planned to give it a few days and see what ideas surfaced, but about a week after I posted the issue, I opened Qpro again (as I had every day prior), and it took much longer to load and much longer before the splash screen appeared, something like 30 seconds instead of the 2-3 I'm used to. After that, the "Stop Processing" dialog box has never appeared again and things are as they were before. I'm keeping all your suggestions for the future. I have not newly installed nor removed anything nor made any system changes that I can identify. It just fixed itself. With all the rest of life's problems would follow that lead....