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Still using X4 problems with WIN 10

Let me start by saying how much I detest MS products.  Unfortunately they have forced WIN 10 on me and now my WP X4 is not working. I hate when this happens.  WP tells me it is not compatible with WIN 10.  It worked fine for a good long while 6 months.  Anyone know whether there is anything I can do, short of purchasing a newer version?

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  • From what I understand some patches to Windows will crap out WP, then the next patch comes along and things are OK again. Is your WP patched to the latest? Help > About will tell you the version. X4 is at You could also try a repair of your X4. Perhaps someone from Corel will pop in here with an answer. Upgrading to X7 or X8 wouldn't hurt if you can't get X4 working. Sorry, I do not have anything to definitely help you.
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    Yes version of X4 is I found a "open box" copy on X8 on Amazon so if I can't fix X4 I will upgrade. I appreciate your help. I just hate it when they "break something that doesn't need fixing".
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    I'm not sure what an "open box" copy of WPX8 means ... but if it is an OEM version then you could be in for an adventure. ;-)

    See (for example) "Should you buy an OEM (Original Equipment Manaufacturer) version of WordPerfect from an Internet source?" here:

    As for Corel "breaking something that doesn't need fixing" -- please be aware of a few things:

    [1] Windows itself has changed considerably since WordPerfect X4 was released in 2008. (Windows Vista was the current OS back then.) Hence software products that run on modern Windows versions might need "fixing," especially since Windows is now at version 10 (released in July, 2015). While some users have not seen problems running WPX4 on Windows 7-10 (as reported on various WP sites), others have and so they have upgraded WP as a solution.

    [2] Corel, like many software publishers, supports only the most recent versions of its products. With WordPerfect they currently show downloadable patches for WPX7 and WPX6. (WPX5 patches, released in 2009-2012, are still on the Support page, but IMHO perhaps not for much longer.)

    [3] As said, while earler versions might work reasonably well for many people on modern versions of Windows, the only guarantee you have of that is found in the System Requirements listed on the Corel site for each version. Note that WPX8 has been out for nearly a year and no patches have yet been released for it. Note also that new releases of any software program often contain fixes (rather than separate patches) as well as new features. I have found that WPX8 is extremely stable on Windows 10....

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    Open box from Amazon is usually an item that the original purchaser returned unopened or it can be an item that Amazon is reducing the price on because there is a newer version out or they are trying to move their stock and only have a few left so they discount the item.
    Thank you for all the info. I will look at the Corel support page when I install X8 and will keep X4 to use on the WIN 7 computer I am building.