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I have WP Office X3.

Is there a way to put in a word or phrase to Find and then Replace it with a double hard return?  I can not find a thing on it and the Replace will not let me hit Return once or twice to then start the Find and Replace.  I even tried putting in the Replace Box this HRt HRt, but it didn't work either.  In the Reveal codes list of codes is nothing for a hard return.

I have a big WP file with lots of strings of the same words that I want to replace with two hard returns to put a paragraph between the run together sentences I need to clean up from my big copy and paste into this file.


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  • I take it that you have no issues putting the word or phrase the 'Find' box. (An easy way is to select the word or phrase before opening F&R. Then when opening F&R, the selected text will be in the 'Find' box.)

    Put the cursor in the Replace box. Click 'Replace' then click 'Codes...' A codes dialog will appear. You can type hrt and it will take you to the hard return code, HRt. Or you can scroll to it. It is about half way down. Select the HRt code and click Insert twice, then close, or alternatively, click 'Insert' then click 'Insert and close'. Either of these will put two HRt codes in the replace box.

    I'm not sure what you meant by "In the Reveal codes list of codes is nothing for a hard return."

    I'm using X8, but this should be basically the same in X3.

    Hope this helps,

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    It's worked for a long time.....
    It's a very helpful WP feature for dealing with badly formatted word files - I import them into Wordpad to get rid of some formatting, then save as rtf then tidy up in WP!
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    Thanks for reply. But, following your instructions, I don't get a "codes dialog box." I am using WP X3.
    I had to click on "Type", but that brought up "Specific Codes", but it was a short list.
    So, I went back to that "Find and Replace" box and tried the other menu choices.
    The one after "Type" is "Match" and it has a menu choice of "codes."
    When I clicked on "codes", I got a complete list of codes, much longer than under "Type" "Specific Codes."
    Under "codes" under "Match", I found in that listing the code for a Hard Return, HRt.
    And as you said, two clicks on it put them in the "Replace Box."

    Oh Happy Days. I clicked "Replace All" and got rid of over 400 occurrences!

    Thanks again for your reply. It led me to looking further as I showed above and Bingo! I don't know why WP put in only a partial list and didn't indicate where to find the entire list of codes, but I know now.

    I've detailed this so that anyone else who runs into this will hopefully see our correspondence and find these answers depending on the WP version they are using.

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    Glad you got it to work for you.

    I have X4 available as well. The F&R is basically the same as in X8. I did not expect X3 to be any different.

    The F&R menu choices are Type Match Replace Actions Options Help

    If the 'Find' box is active, Replace in the menu is greyed out. If the 'Replace with' box is active, Match is greyed out. That is why I said to "Put the cursor in the Replace box." That way Replace would not be greyed out on the menu. I probably should have said to put the cursor in the 'Replace with' box. Oh, well, you accomplished your task. And thanks for reporting back.

    On 'edit,' I found my GRUB CD and was able to boot my other XP box with WP12, X3, X4 and possibly others.   The functionality of the F&R dialog seems to be the same thru X8.  I tried both WP12 and WPX3.


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    Coincidentally, I had a similar request 2 days ago on WordPerfect Universe to replace a word with the same word in a red color wherever it appears in a document.

    My reply there uses the same procedure Tim outlined above. It might be useful to see how it works for various tasks similar to the one in this thread. See
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    Thank You!

    I hadn't thought of that, but your posting of this gave me the idea that rather than looking for certain words to BOLD in black in my 442 page WP doc., those words would look good in red and a global find and replace will be wonderful.