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Change default paper source

Hello All,

We have been using WPX4 for years now. Recently somehow with our Brother HL-5370DW printer the paper source default has been switched to manual. I cannot change it back to the default value of auto select! Using the Corel's document 3461 - restoring WordPerfect to its factory defaults has not helped. I have tried uninstalling WP and the printer drivers and then reinstalling them both to no avail. Corel does not support X4 any longer.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks.  Robert Lummerding

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  • As an update. I also tried to save the printer defaults under Edit settings also to no avail.

    When I select Print

    Under the Main tab I select properties and the brother driver comes up with manual as the paper source. I select auto select press OK and when I select properties again it still shows manual as the paper source. This problem is only on WPX4 on only one computer. This same computer has Quattro with no issues. I hope this makes sense.

    Thanks again.

    Robert Lummerding

  • Try Corel document   3546   (000003546 - Troubleshooting Printing problems with WordPerfect®)

  • In reply to tlnett:

    Thank-you Tinett.

    I tried 3799 - how to save print settings but that did not help. I will now try 3546. I will let you know.


  • In reply to Robert2003:

    This is a nuisance to set up but gives more flexible results:
    For each tray, create a new Paper Size/Type specifying as Source (location varies with version) that tray (and likely reflecting the chosen tray in the name).

    The available Sources are those offered by the printer driver.

    Then in the document, choose the Paper S/T ad. lib.

    If you use letterheaded paper: perhaps Tray 1 for Page 1 (letterhead) and Tray 2 thereafter, you can conveniently do this by using Delay Codes at the head of the document.

  • In reply to lemoto:

    Hello Lemoto,

    Tlnett suggestted that I look up document 3546 Trouble shooting Printing Problems. One of the suggestions was to rename the PrintEngine folder in the registry. That did the trick!  The default is back again.

    Thank-you ALL for your help. It is greatly appreciated.

    Robert Lummerding

  • In reply to Robert2003:

    Glad all is well now - thanks for the report.