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WPX8 always becomes unresponsive after being left idle

I purchased WPOX8 last year and found it generally very good.  But one annoying thing that always happens is that Wordperfect freezes up after being left idle for a while, requiring a close through the task manager where it shows up as "not responding".  I have never tested how long it takes, but I suspect it is after about half an hour.  I don't lose any work through this as I always save before walking away from the computer.  This consistently happens on three different PCs that all run Windows 10 64bit (two are enterprise and the other pro).  All three machines are set to never sleep and don't have screensavers set or monitor set to turn off after a period.  Has anyone else struck this issue and will be fixed with an update?  I have never struck this with previous versions of WP (last was WPOX6).

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    But as I pointed out in the question, these computers are set "never" to sleep - I had already checked this after reading these other threads first.
  • Just to help you know it is not peculiar to you, I have had the same experience consistently, also under Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. (And also with all power saving turned off - always irritating when people do not bother to read carefully.) The time to freezing seems pretty variable, but never seems to occur quickly (that is, it does not freeze after a short time idle, it always takes a while). I have tried repairing the installation with no improvement. I cannot discern any interaction that would explain this, although I do not have WP X8 installed under varied hardware and software environments that would help narrow this down. This has occurred ever since I installed X8 last spring.
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    Thank you Solidornot. I have thought about this a bit further, and upon investigation, I found that even though the computers are set "never to sleep", in "advanced settings" the hard disk is set to turn off after 20 minutes, and I think this may be the source of the problem. I cannot change this setting on my office machine as that setting is one tagged as "managed by your organisation" (windows 10 enterprise). However, I will try turning off the autobackup feature in WP (which I have never had to use anyway) as I suspect it trying to autobackup to a hard disk that is turned off may be the trigger for the freeze-ups. I will report back on any result.
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    I've had email notification of a response from Barry MacDonnell which does not show here on the thread, but I will respond anyway. Barry suggested that it was unlikely to be the autobackup feature which was triggering the freezes, and he may well be correct. He also suggested that it may be that the autobackup folder was on a network drive, however, that is definitely not the case. This same fault occurs on my home PC which isn't even networked. So the mystery remains. I will disable the hard drive "turn off after 20 minutes" option on the machine at home and see if that stops it happening.
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    Sorry about the missing reply to you in this thread.

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    FWIW this does not happen on WordPerfect Universe (www.wpuniverse.com) -- which in any case is a much more active site for peer-to-peer help with WordPerfect. As of today it has:

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