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Stop Table Math

I use tables a lot in my writing, but not for calculation purposes. I often need to enter an equation (or a part of one) to display it, not to evaluate it. For example, if I want  =2+3 to display in a cell, it instead changes to 5. I tried selecting the cell, picking Table | Calculate..., and turning off Automatic Calculation, but =2+3 is still evaluated instead of being displayed.

Even if that worked, I don't want to have to manually do it for each cell in each table in each document. I'd rather have WordPerfect by default not evaluate table cells, but I can't figure out how to do that. How do I turn off automatic table calculation for all tables in new documents?

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  • Forgot to update my profile: I'm using WP X8 on Win 10 Pro 64-bit.
  • In reply to jmahun:

    1. For NEW tables you could use a custom table creation macro such as my macro here:

    2. For EXISTING tables, any customized cell's Numeric format takes precedence over any customized column or table-wide format. Hence, here's a small macro that can change ALL cell formats to Text. (The program's default for Numeric format is General, which is why entries like =2+3 are auto-calculated to produce 5.)

    // Macro begins here
    If(NOT ?InTable)
       Messagebox(;"Change format for all cells";"Ooops! Macro works only with cursor inside a table")
    TableSelectOn (SelectionMode:Table!)
    TableCellNumberFormat (FormatType:TextOnly!)
    // Macro ends here

    To copy this code into your WordPerfect program to create a working macro, see .

    Just place your cursor in a table and play the macro. (Always make a backup of the document before playing a macro to ensure it works as intended.)