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Help please

I'm not sure this is the right place to post a question but it is all I can find on this site.

I am using Office X4.  I have created text within paragraph borders but it is not centered vertically.  It has more space on the bottom than on the top.  I have checked to make sure there are no returns within the box and that is not the problem.  Is there a way to correct the centering?


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  • You are using two different terms: "paragraph borders" and "box".

    These are different things in WordPerfect (i.e., format>Paragraph>Border/Fill versus Insert>Text Box).

    Can you explain exactly what you mean?
  • In reply to BarryMacDonnell:

    Thanks for the reply, Barry. Using the paragraph borders creates a box around the text. It is similar to the text box but that is not what I am referring to. It is the vertical spacing of the lines above and below the text that is not equal and I would like to adjust them so they are. ..... I just tried to cut and paste so I could show you and discovered the problem. I have the paragraph spacing set to 1.5 and that throws off the spacing within the borders. Amazing what you can learn by accident! LOL. Thanks for your help by being a sounding board.
  • In reply to horsjn:

    I cannot replicate it.

    I just did this in WPX8 (I don't have anything prior to WPX6 on my computer):

    1. At the top of an existing document I set new paragraph spacing with Format>Paragraph>Format>Spacing between paragraphs = 1.5 lines. (I first made sure the paragraphs were separated by a single hard return (HRt).)

    2. I use my mouse to select a single paragraph (to include the hard return code at the end) and applied a single paragraph border with Format>Paragraph>Border/Fill.

    The spacing between border lines above and below the paragraph is as expected: There is no additional vertical spacing between the lines and the paragraph text.


    Perhaps there is something in Reveal Codes that is causing an uneven vertical spacing?

    Perhaps you could test things by opening a new (blank) document and typing (NOT pasting) a couple of short paragraphs of plain text into it. Then use the 2 steps above. Does this work -- or do you see the same problem?