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Cheapest price for X6

I'm a long time WP user since WPDOS5.1 and have been a beta tester for a few versions. I haven't updated since X3 because quite frankly the newer versions really didn't add anything as far as what I could put on paper. But now that newer versions of Windows are out, I need to upgrade. I was shocked that I can no longer get the academic version as a non-profit like I used to. Also one has to have at least X4 to get the upgrade price, even though I have every version from DOS5.1 to X3. Looks like the cheapest I can get away with is the $199 standard version. That's too much when OpenOffice is free. I can live with the frustrations of no reveal codes at that price.

Any help on where I can get X6 at a reasonable price? WP Is all I need, not the other stuff in the suite.


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  • I think the WordPerfect Office X6 Home and Student Edition has the same features as the Standard Edition, except for not being able to import PDF files (it can create them). No need to "upgrade" since it's a stand alone version, and it can be installed on 3 computers in your home.

    Check the Corel site (they sometimes have discounts). You can download a trial version which is identical to the retail boxed version (additional components can be downloaded once you pay and register it). Or just buy the retail (boxed) version from, which might be less expensive.

    For what is new since X3: All WPO programs are full suites, so you cannot just buy WordPerfect.

    To migrate your customizations from X3, see "Updating, upgrading, or reinstalling WordPerfect" -

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    Thanks Barry.

    I found a $50 download on Amazon for the Home and Student. I can live without the PDF feature as I have other programs to do that. Does WinZip 16 come with the H&S version? I've seen it listed and not listed on contents pages.


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    Actually, as I said above, the H&S can create PDFs. It just does not natively import them into a WP document. The latter is a feature of the more expensive versions.

    I believe WinZip is part of the H&S. The Reviewer's Guide shows it on p.14 (see the New-Diff link).

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    WinZip is no longer included in WordPerfect Office X6 (any flavor) unless you can find someone who is still selling the original pre-SP1 boxes.

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    Thanks, Pascal.  I frequently see questions about what, exactly, is or is not included in the Home and Student version.  Put another way: What is the difference between the H&S and the Standard Edition?  Is there a Corel page I can reference?

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    Is there a Corel page I can reference?

    Yep, there you go:



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    Thanks Pascal,

    I guess that's why I saw it listed some places with WinZip and other places without.


  • I know this thread is a few weeks old, but has the Home and Student X6 version on sale for $56.25 as of July 1, 2013.  I just purchased it yesterday and I'm very pleased with it.  I was going to purchase the Standard version, but really have no use for WinZip or the PDF capabililties.  I use Windows 7 in place of WinZip even though I had been a long-time user of WinZip prior to Windows 7.  For PDF, I already have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Pro.  The only thing I really wanted that is in the Standard and Pro versions is the eBook feature, but I understand we can purchase that separately from Corel.

    I was also a long-time WP user going back to WP 5 DOS and stopped at WP 2000 Windows to migrate to MS Office only because of work requirements.