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indented bullets in WPO

How can I create bullet lists which are indented to a specified tab position in WP X6? Everything seems to start at the left margin.

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  • Bullet lists are a form of Outline style.

    You can add a left indent (or tab) to the bullet's style. Just double click on the [Style] code to bring up the Styles Editor and insert a hard left indent to the left of the other codes you will see in the Styles Editor's Contents pane.

    For more on how to do it: 

    For some other tips and tricks with automatic numbers and bullets:


  • In reply to BarryMacDonnell:

    Hey Jim,

    You can also change any bullet list style to a multi-level list style by following these steps:

    1. Go to menu "Insert"->"Outline/Bullets & Numbering..."
    2. Select the "Bullets" tab
    3. Select the desired bullet style, and click "Edit..."
    4. Select the "Multi level list (outline)" radio button and click OK
    5. Click OK again to create the bullet list

    That should make the bullet list behave more as you expect.