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WP Office X6 Installation Problem

I recently purchased WPO X6 Standard Upgrade from Amazon (not a 3rd party). I have WPO X4 Standard installed on my computer. I'm trying to install X6. I entered the serial number from my new disk. Then it asks for the serial number of my X4 version. I typed it in and got a message saying the serial number was not supported for upgrade. I went to my Corel account and cut/pasted the serial number I entered into my account when I registered the X4 Standard version (which was the same as I had typed). I still get the error message. Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone know how I can get past this? I cannot figure out how to contact Corel to get this resolved. Help, please! Barbara

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  • Hello,

    One possibility is that the flavor of WPO X4 that you own is not eligible for upgrades.  Academic, Home & Student, OEM and Not for Resale versions are not eligible.

    A simple way to know if your copy of WordPerfect Office is an OEM version is to check the first block of the serial number.  All serial numbers starting with WP??B22 are OEM versions.


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    No, this is definitely a standard, box version. My serial number starts with WS14b22 -- it's the number I registered with WordPerfect when I installed it. I just don't understand this. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I hate that I can't install it.

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    No, this is definitely a standard, box version. My serial number starts with WS14b22 -- it's the number I registered with WordPerfect when I installed it. I just don't understand this. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I hate that I can't install it.

    The question in my mind is, where did you get the "box version" of WPX4?  Directly from Corel? Or did it come with your computer inside the computer box?


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    No, I think I ordered it from Amazon as I did my X6 version; though I no longer have the records from that transaction.

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    Still, it appears from Pascal's post that you got an OEM version.

    I've not heard of such a thing when ordering directly from Amazon since they typically ship WordPerfect products they get from Corel (or sell legitimate downloads) and would reap a huge number of complaints and ill will if they sold an illegitimate Corel product. They discount products so deeply they would not need to do such a thing. (Just my two cents as a long-time Amazon customer.)

    Some third-party companies -- particularly those selling software only on the Internet -- sell a "boxed version" that is really an OEM that they (or someone else) probably duplicated and shipped in a box. (Here, by "box" I mean it should be a retail box from Corel (as shown on their site) and not a plain cardboard box or sleeve.) Yes, it's WordPerfect Office, but it's probably not what the buyer thought it was. And if the company who sold it gets an occasional return -- well, it's the price of doing such a business.

    You might have seen a recent post here on OfficeCommunity from a user that got caught in just such a despicable practice. The ironic part is that they could have got a WPX6 Home & Student Edition (nearly the same thing as the Standard Edition) for less than what they paid for the illegitimate copy they ordered -- and which gave them a huge headache.

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    So, if I'm reading this right, I'm out of luck. Is there any way I'll be able to install my X6 version? I've been a loyal WordPerfect user since version 4.2 for DOS in the 1980s. I've upgraded along the way about every other version. I remember when I used to be able to get free support by just calling WordPerfect. Now I can't find a way to even contact them to help resolve this problem. It's very frustrating. It appears that if I want to get a new version, I'm going to have to purchase another full-version copy, and that's expensive. I'm very disappointed. Loyalty should count for something.

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    If this happened to me, I would first see about getting a refund for the upgrade edition. If all of the information in this thread is accurate you cannot upgrade the edition of WPX4 you have. You said you got it from Amazon; they have a good reputation with refunds.

    Then I would remove all traces of WPX4. See http://wptoolbox.com/tips.html#7_uninstalling  (There are tips on preserving any WPX4 customizations on that page.)

    Then -- if cost is an issue -- I would explore buying a Home & Student edition (similar to the Standard Edition) and installing it.  Amazon has deep discounts these days. For what is included in it, see the edition comparison matrix (linked from here: http://wptoolbox.com/tips/New-Diff.html ). You can also get the Standard Edition for a substantial discount if you belong to the Bar Association; see http://www.corel.com/barassociation.

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    There's a chance Amazon will not let you return an opened software product.  If that happens, you can always call Corel's sales team (1-877-582-6735) and explain the problem.  They might be able to offer you a discounted full version serial number (although I can't promise anything).

    I hope that helps,