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Quattro pro X8 Printing Issue


I am new here and new to Quattro pro but not new to spreadsheet applications.

This may not be an issue, I just haven't found the answer yet.

How to print sheet contents without printing the row numbers & column letters?



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  • I have X7 and they are off. File > Page setup > Options tab. Then deselect Row/Column borders. If that is selected in my the rows and columns have there letters and numbers shown in the borders. The rest of the sheet does not have the borders shown. This is in Print Preview only. Have not physically tried printing. See if that works for you.
  • In reply to tlnett:

    Thank you. I saw the row/column borders option you mentioned but never thought of unchecking it simply because the words "row/column borders" easily and logically made me think it was the "borders" or lines set in the sheet itself which I wanted to print.

    Anyway, your answer is perfectly correct and thank you:-)

  • In reply to Nelson:

    Yes, that option is by no means intuitive. I tried to to see what happened. Glad that worked for you. You are most welcome.