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Creating CSV Files for My Own Online Store

Hi I am new here with no experience in creating CSV file. I want to create an CSV file to able me to export it to my online store. I heard it was quick and easy to list all you merchandise on spreadsheet and create CSV file then upload it to my webpage. This seem tricky from my end. How does this map workout? I like how ebay turbo lister works, but I rather create my own. Will WorkPefect Office do this kind of job? 

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  • QuattroPro, the spreadsheet in the WordPerfect Office suite can save as a .csv file. I do not think WordPerfect can, but it can save as ASCII delimited text and as ANSI delimited text. Not sure exactly what you are looking to do. Since you mentioned spreadsheet, you should be good to go.
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    tlnett, thanks for reply. I have difficult explaining. I will try to explain it better this time. Ebay turbo lister is retiring in June 2017. Ebay will use to sell hub. I like how Ebay turbo lister work and how it is quick and easy to upload pictures and fill in descriptions, price, so on. I really want to use the WordPerfect Office Suite that can save csv file. I want to build a website store (not ebay store) that I can sell 125 individual products. I have to fill in photo, description, price, so on for each individual product. This task make it long time to finish it. I want create a spreadsheet with all detail of the individual product such as photo, description, price so on. The question I had is...
    1- Will this be easy and quick way to organize my website with all the products I want to sell on there?
    2- Can I upload it as bulk listing just like ebay turbo lister does?
    3- If so, how do I link each individual product to it own page that is assign to?

    I do not have a sample of spreadsheet and I was trying to find one on google image. I hope the above explain it much better then the previous discussion.