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I am learning Quattro Pro X8. Need help with entering dates

I have used Excel for some time and am wanting to use QP.    I have a spreadsheet where I want to enter dates in 3 different ways [month/day;  month/day/year;  day/month/year].     On the surface it is easy, yet when I save the file and then open it, the three displayed dates revert to 1 format and all the dates have been changed.    The only way around this that I have found, is to go to Tools;  Settings; International; here you can set the date style.  When you do, however, all of the existing dates in a spreadsheet are changed to this format.     How can I set the date or where do I set the date to work -- so I can use more than one display.

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  • In general, Date and Time formats depend on settings in three places:

    1) In Windows 10, go to Control Panel and choose Region. Change Date and Time to the formats you wish to use.
    2) In Quattro Pro, choose: Tools, Settings, Application, International. Change the Date and Time settings to Operating System Default (to use the above Windows formats), or to another format you want to use.
    3) In Quattro Pro, highlight the fields you wish to format and choose: Format, Selection Properties, Numeric Format tab, Date or Time settings.

    Ron S.

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    Thanks for the response; I was not aware of the "Region" setting. However, I carefully followed your comments and the changes worked; That is it worked initially. I saved the file; closed it; reopened it and the dates were changed to the Region settings throughout the spreadsheet. I am at a loss. In addition, I am curious why QP X8 does not allow a short date as in Mon & Day. Thank you for your time. No response needed unless someone has another suggestion.
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    Now we're getting into advanced stuff. We need to create a custom format.
    I assume you want a format that looks like 12/03. Try the following:

    1. Go to Format | Selection (or hit F12). Numeric Format tab. Last item: Custom.
    2. Center Bar is the top selection. Just leave that.
    3. Tap Add.
    4. Change Format Name to mo/dd or whatever. This way you won't overwrite the Center Bar format.
    5. Go to the lower window (in the middle of the dialog box). It should be empty. If it isn't, delete whatever is there. Above it and to the right is an "Add Date/Time Code" drop-down.
    6. From the drop-down, choose "mo".
    7. In the window itself, type "/".
    8. From the drop-down, choose "dd".
    9. Go to the window at the top of the dialog box and tap Add. This adds the format you just created, below.
    10. In that top window, choose CenterBar, and tap the Delete button to delete it.
    11. Click OK, twice.
    12. Your new format will be in the list of custom formats.
    13. Apply the format to the fields you wish to use.

    You will need to do the same for the other formats you want to use, unless they are among the choices that Windows or QP considers standard. Some of the drop down options allow you to use a word for the month, if you want to do that.

    QP is a great program.
    Search this Forum for "A book on Quattro Pro formulas, functions, and macros" by Charles Cork.

    Ron S.

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    All of your suggestions have worked fine, including the advanced custom ones; that is it works while the spreadsheet is open. When you save the file, close QP X8, and then re-open it... the date format reverts back to what the settings/international view is set. So when I added to the custom "mo dd" as you suggested , I was able to insert that into one of my cells [Dec 3]. But when the file was reopened, it was [12/03/16]. I have chatted with Corel and told them on 3 occassions that I think I have buggy program. But they have not offered to send me a new one, although I did download a trial program and insert my serial number, so perhaps this suffices. Anyway, nothing I do has made the date work right. FYI: I still have Excel on my laptop and a free one called LibreOffice. I have saved the one I use for QP and renamed it. Excel & LibreOffice open the file and I can change the date, save the file and re-open it and it is just fine. It makes no sense to me.
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    That doesn't happen for me. I created a test spreadsheet, and it is still formatted as 12/03 when I reopen it.

    When you reopen the spreadsheet--the cell that's supposed to be in Custom format: is it still listed as in Custom format (F12, Numeric Format tab)?

    How are you entering data into the field? Are you typing it? Are you pasting it?
    If you are pasting it, you may need to use "Paste Special" and uncheck Properties, so you don't paste a new format into the field.

    Can you attach the file (it looks like you can Insert Media into a post).


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    There is no confidential data in the file and I have no problem attaching it. But how do I do that?
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    Looks like you can change to rich formatting (button to the bottom right). Then a heading will appear. In the second row, there is a button for Insert/Edit media with a picture of a computer.

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    FYI. I have two laptops and got the same results on both. Both have Windows 10 on it. The custom changes do not hold after saving and reopening QP and the file.
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    To retain the changes made in Quattro Pro, you will want to save it as a native *.qpw file. In the Save As dialog box, choose the format for QPW v9-X8.
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    With all due respect, in my notes above, I said I had the same lack of "holding" with "*.qpw" as I did "*.xlsx" It does not matter at this end. As it is, I really need the xls or xlsx file extension so I can send the spreadsheet to my phone or tablet, and Corel has never made their stuff accessible that way. And yes I am aware of the Word Perfect "viewer" that costs $$$ and it is my understanding that you cannot edit anything. If I need a Word Perfect file on my phone or tablet I save it as a PDF. But a spreadsheet is a separate matter. Thank you for your time. If I continue to work with QP I will save some of the dates as a text and that will take care of it. Once again thanks. I appreciate your time and assistance.
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    More complex formatting may not carry over between Quattro Pro and Excel. Basic spreadsheets should convert well between the two formats.
    I have a Microsoft Surface tablet, running Windows 10, so I can use Quattro Pro and WordPerfect "on the go." If I really want a spreadsheet on the phone, I make an Excel version, either in QP or Excel.

    Using a Windows default date format would probably work fine. In Quattro Pro, you would choose Operating System Default for the Date Format in Settings, and not use a custom format. 

    For my own use, I enjoy using QP, as it has some neat features. But I usually work with Excel (I have an older version), doing the initial design in QP, when I have to share with other people using the MS suite.
    I believe LibreOffice was designed to be an MS Word clone, so it converts well, but does not have the kind of individual features of QP, which was designed from the ground up to be an outstanding spreadsheet.

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    Thanks again for your thoughts. My son has a M/Surface tablet and uses it for work. I have an android phone & tablet & rely on apps that can "see" the spreadsheet. I converted my reading file from OneNote to a spreadsheet and then had some difficulty, but finally got it to QP. I have experimented with several things, which I really do not need in reading list, but it helps me to decide what I can do with it. There have been 3 major setbacks, two of which I finally figured out (setting filters & copy/display data from one sheet to another) and one which still stands (dates). Next on my test is to create a 12 month expense report, using 12 sheets (which will be a problem most likely), and have totals to date, etc. I did this with Excel several years ago and do not have those files. I will give it a try in a few days.

    You comment about "neat features" -- perhaps I will come across some. Good evening.

    Dr. Richard Williams
    ps: I have used Microsoft Office 365 for the past 2 years but dislike their "rental" of payment and am hoping to make QP work.
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    Dr. Williams, I would like to try my hand at diagnosing the problem and hopefully fixing it. I've downloaded your spreadsheet. Could you give me an example of three cells in it where you want one of these three different date formats to appear and to re-appear on re-opening the file? I'll see if I can replicate your problem in QP. (Translating custom formats between QP and XL or Libre is likely to fail.)

    And side note to Corel: Various people have complained, as here, that QP lacks some very useful date (and other numeric) formats. In the next version of QP, please consider adding more formats. Thanks.

  • In reply to Charles Cork:

    Good Morning, Charlie. If you open my spreadsheet you can see that Sheet 1 (Library) contains the date that I start reading a book and when I finish. In Sheet 2 (Reading) I have 3 dates. In Column B, I want the date to be (ddd, mmm. dd or Mon, Dec. 5). In Column L, I want it to be (month dd, December 5). In Column N, I want the date to be (mmm. dd, Dec. 4). There is no major necessity for this other than it is very easy to do in Microsoft Excel or Libre. In Sheet 3 and Sheet 4, I tried & succeeded in moving the text from Sheet 4 (A2) to Sheet 3.

    By the way, Sheet 3 would not import from Excel as QP did not like the (=Bible!A32) format. I had to copy & paste some of the data and use trial and error to figure out what QP's format was (+Bible:$A2). In Column L, the date is part of formula that adds the date from B with K which results in the approximate date I will finish reading the book.

    FYI. When I open my reading file in QP, I can right click and change the date but once the file is saved and then opened back up, it reverts to the default. Plus when I go to the custom area and ADD a different date format, the same happens. When I save the file and then re open it, what I did had vaporized. In addition, I have made this changes and saved the file as a QP format and it does not stay. And I have tried this on two laptops (both Windows 10 with Word Perfect Office X8) and got the same results.

    In conclusion, I can live with the date format (12/05/16) but why should I have to. I started with Dos (which dates me) and liked Supercalc but it, like many other programs, did not survive the move to Windows. I tried Lotus 123 and then it went away. I have worked with Excel but would like to make QP work if possible. I have used Microsoft Office 365 for the two years, but really do not want to continue. I have done it because I get spreadsheets from clients and others that require an excel spreadsheet, which is where I began to take a fresh look at QP. LibreOffice cost me $.01 from Amazon but I do not need its word processor and more, and it really does not like Excel 2016 format, although it accepts the date formats.

    Any suggestions from you are more than welcome. My annual fee for Office 365 ends in January.