Corel® WordPerfect® Office X5 Guidebook

This manual provides a tutorial-based approach to WordPerfect Office X5.

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  • Gord:

    Thanks. I downloaded the card. It's quite helpful but I should've clarified that users will need info on what do do when the JPEG file doesn't quite convert properly (something to do with the EXIF file header)

    A clarification of Intel's hyperthreading and how it might affect image insertion in WP.

    Also, does WP and the rest of the suite handle PNG, SVG? If not what can users do?

    Further, I would strongly urge that Quattro pro gets its own user guide as well as macro manual. Everyone swears by Excel and I see massive books on Excel macros. So what I'd like to see (along with other potential users)

    1) Intro to Quattro pro and how it differs from WP

    2) What Quattro pro can do just like Excel

    3) What Quattro pro does better

    4) What Excell does better

    5) Things you can do with Quattro pro (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced stuff)

    The Quattro pro macro manual (with tons of tutorials, code and screenshots) Frankly you need to show that Quattro pro can pretty much do what Excel does via macros

    1) A note to WP users: how the marco language is different from WP's and how to adapt to the syntax differences

    2) Basic commands: simple things you can do with Quattro pro macros

    3) Intermediate: Very useful tasks you can do

    4) Advanced: Super useful if mind blowing stuff you can do

    5) Troubleshooting macros what to do when they don't work and how to understand the error message.

    WP lightning also needs its own manual. I'm seriously thinking of experimenting with Evernotes. So it would be helpful to know if Lightning can work with Evernotes


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