Corel® WordPerfect® Office X5 Guidebook

This manual provides a tutorial-based approach to WordPerfect Office X5.

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  • Hi, again!

    Quattro Pro actually does have its own User Guide PDF. This guide -- along with ones for WordPerfect and Presentations -- installs with WordPerfect Office X5 for easy access through the Reference Center.

    As for Quattro Pro macros, WordPerfect Office X5 provides basic information in the Quattro Pro Help (and Quattro Pro User Guide PDF) and more advanced information in the PerfectScript Help (and PerfectScript User Guide PDF). I've recently received a few requests for more information on native Quattro Pro macros, so that's an item on my to-do list. :-)

    WordPerfect Lightning also has a User Guide PDF. It installs with WordPerfect Lightning; in WordPerfect Office X5, this guide can be accessed through the Reference Center.

    The documentation found here on Office Community represents a small subset of what's available in WordPerfect Office X5. I may add more items in the future, but for now, I've tried to pick the items I think are of greatest interest. :-)

    Thanks again for your detailed feedback!



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