Corel® WordPerfect® Office X5 Guidebook

This manual provides a tutorial-based approach to WordPerfect Office X5.

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  • Hi Gord,

    I have WP X5, downloaded your guidebook a few days ago and printed off the Wordperfect section.  It is quite good but does not go into much detail.  I am looking for guidance in setting up templates for various types of documents, eg a letterhead first page, blank following pages, with a specific setup of font and size, margins, letter and word spacing etc.  

    I am confused about the difference between Projects, templates and styles  How can I set up a letter with a letterhead for first page and blank sheets for the following?  (different drawer in the printer) I find that if I set letter for page 1 then set blank for the following pages, this switches page 1 to blank.  A section about this could start with a strategy for configuring WP for everyday use.

    Please advise

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