Corel® WordPerfect® Office X5 Guidebook

This manual provides a tutorial-based approach to WordPerfect Office X5.

  • Thanks very much for your detailed feedback, xavier! Some of these items are new to me, while others match up with tasks already on my "to do" list. Regardless, all of these items give me valuable insight into your wish list. :-)

    For item #4, I have an alternative for you: To help provide a "bird's-eye view" of working with images (and photos) in WordPerfect, I've uploaded a Quick Reference Card to Office Community, at . Please feel free to send along any feedback on it.



  • Gord:

    The tutorials are rather perfunctory vis-à-vis WP. I did appreciate the tutorials as I don't really use Quattro pro and Presentations and would like to learn more how to use them Still though how do I use OLE to exchange information between them?

    With respect to WP: here's what I'd like to see in a revised edition:

    1) How to use the Math equations editor and Mathtype

    2) How to use the Speller utilities to convert dictionaries and add words

    3)  How to create your own templates and automate them with macros

    4) How to deal with photos and images in WP

    5) How to work with PDF: converting PDF documents to WP documents, creating PDF documents in WP. How to troubleshoot PDF creation/conversions

    6) OLE exchanges between Quattro pro, Excel, Open/Libre office, Presentations, and Powerpoint

    7) file conversions: Word what does and doesn't convert and what to do when the conversion isn't perfect

    8) Inserting characters with special reference to non-English characters.

    9) UNICODE: a clarification of which alphabets/scripts WP can and can't handle and how to work with the limitations.

    10) Working with different languages and how to install the dictionaries