Corel® WordPerfect® Office X5 User Guide for PerfectScript™

This manual explains how to use the PerfectScript programming language and the PerfectScript utility to create WordPerfect Office macros.

  • Gord:

    Thanks. I do appreciate the desire to update all of the WP macro commands since the last macro manual ( I think it's 8 because I bought them and have keep them in case I want to go diving again)

    However, you need to give a reason for people to take another look at WP. Once of its lesser known strengths is that writing a macro doesn't require a programmer in contrast to VBA


  • Thanks so much for taking the time to send along your detailed feedback, xavier!

    With WordPerfect Office X5, most of my PerfectScript focus went into bringing back the reference information found in this user guide, which had been missing since the days of the printed PerfectScript manual (v.9?). Your comments give me valuable suggestions for next steps -- especially insofar as tutorials and code samples.

    I'm sorry that you were disappointed with this user guide, but I do appreciate your providing such constructive feedback. Much appreciated!


  • Gord:

    I'm disappointed with this reference booklet. Where are the actual tutorials to show how to create macros vis Perfectscript?

    What I wanted:

    1) How to create useful callback loops

    2) How to automate certain boring or tedious tasks in all the programs

    3) How to create useful dialogue boxes that accomplish a task

    4) How to automate  data exchanges between WP, quattro pro and Presentations

    5) learning how to debug with the Perfectscript debugger and understanding what the error messages actually mean

    I hope that a revised edition will become available with extensive  tutorials and screenshots.