Corel® WordPerfect® Office X5 User Guide for PerfectScript™

This manual explains how to use the PerfectScript programming language and the PerfectScript utility to create WordPerfect Office macros.

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  • Gord:

    I'm disappointed with this reference booklet. Where are the actual tutorials to show how to create macros vis Perfectscript?

    What I wanted:

    1) How to create useful callback loops

    2) How to automate certain boring or tedious tasks in all the programs

    3) How to create useful dialogue boxes that accomplish a task

    4) How to automate  data exchanges between WP, quattro pro and Presentations

    5) learning how to debug with the Perfectscript debugger and understanding what the error messages actually mean

    I hope that a revised edition will become available with extensive  tutorials and screenshots.


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