Word Count Updater Macro (dotwordcount.wcm)

Once associated to the period key ( . ), this macro will update the document's word count displayed on WordPerfect's Application Bar at the end of each sentence (or any other time you press period).

To associate the macro, follow these steps:


  1. Download the "dotwordcount.wcm" macro to your computer
  2. In WordPerfect's menu, select "Tools"->"Settings..."
  3. Click on "Customize" and select the "Keyboards" tab
  4. Select the currently active keyboard layout (usually <WPWin Keyboard>) and click "Edit..."
  5. Check the "Allow assignment of character keys" checkbox in the bottom-left corner of the dialog
  6. Click in the "Choose a shortcut key" list and press period ( . ) to select the correct character in the list
  7. Select the "Macros" tab and click "Assign Macro to Key..."
  8. Select the downloaded "dotwordcount.wcm" macro and click "Select"
  9. Click "Yes" when asked "Save macro with full path?"
  10. Click "Okay", "Close" and "Close"
  11. Done!


Please note, in large documents and/or on slower computers, there will be a slowdown when the macro is triggered causing text input to stutter momentarily (ie. typed characters won't appear right away).  However, if you continue to type normally, these characters will appear correctly once the word count has finished updating.