Hello! For those of you that don’t know me - my name is Peter Hanschke - I’m the Director of Product Management for the Productivity Software Group here at Corel. I look after WordPerfect, Perfect Authority, Corel Office, PDF Fusion and the just released WordPerfect eBook Publisher add-on. Since my arrival last year, I’ve been getting to know some of our users, and my impression is that we have a very loyal and passionate user base and a strong team at Corel that cares deeply about these users.

I was at the recent LegalTech show in New York to get a feel for the community we serve. I was blown away by the shear passion that users have for WordPerfect. Over the course of 3 days I couldn't get over how many users came to the booth to talk about their uses of WordPerfect. It was a real pleasure to see such passion for a product ...very few products elicit such passion. But the product manager in me always has to ask 'why'. Why is there such passion? Why did attendees make a beeline to our booth to tell their WordPerfect story?  I read a blog from early 2011 that reported a statistic from a survey where 14% of the law firms and legal departments who responded said they used WordPerfect. In a world dominated by MS Office, I'm proud to say that we have a solid position in this community. I'm convinced that the reason for this passion is because our users believe that we've built a product that meets their needs like no other ... and some of them have believed this for more than 20 years.

There are many reasons why people love WordPerfect, and they are not necessarily all the same reasons. The Reveal Codes feature is probably the best known. But what are some of the other features that WordPerfect users absolutely love? By looking through the results of recent formal and informal research and talking to users, I discovered the following that are ranked high amongst our users.

1) Have you ever had a PDF that you needed to change but have lost the source file? Whether the PDF was created in Word, WordPerfect, Notepad or scanned? Maybe it's a single page or maybe it's an entire document. You could always retype it - but that's very time-consuming and prone to errors. WordPerfect's PDF's capabilities will read the PDF and make it editable. You can then make your changes and save it as a WordPerfect file, a Doc file or even back as a PDF.

2) Do you need your invoice to fit on one page? Are you submitting a paper that can only be six pages long? WordPerfect's Make It Fit feature adjusts fonts, margins, and line spacing settings to suit the space - saving you time and making your document look professional. You can make selected text or all text in a document fit a specific number of pages.

3) Are you ever stuck with an old file that your software cannot open and you end up having to actually retype it from scratch? This problem is not likely to happen with WordPerfect since we've been supporting the WPD file format - both ways - all the way back to the 1990's! And we are 100% committed to stay the course. Need to view your WPD files on your iPhone(r) or iPad(r)? We have an app for that (available on the Apple App Store)!
4) Ever receive documents (or bring in text from other software) that you need to finish up and get out the door in a hurry – but you cannot seem to figure out how to remove bold or text color or there is a page-break that should no longer be there? Reveal Codes in WordPerfect is legendary when it comes to managing formatting in your document. Turn on Reveal Codes and delete the unwanted formatting.

My goal is to continue the tradition of making a product that excites our users and is useful to them.  With 74% of our current WordPerfect legal users being Very Satisfied with the product, and a star rating of 4.3 on Amazon.com (as voted by first-time users of WordPerfect) I’d say that we are doing a good job. Could we do a better job? We will always strive to do better!

I look forward to meeting more customers and invite you to write about your favorite feature as a reply to this post or on our FaceBook page (www.facebook.com/wordperfectoffice) ...I’d like to hear your story.

  • I insist that WordPerfect is the best word processer ever, I have been using it since 1988! But unfortunately still lacks Unicode support.

    I do a lot of things in Lao language (an Asian language similar to Thai), and I can no longer use WordPerfect for documents using or including Lao. The present script uses its own Unicode plane, and old encoding within the 256 Ascii encoding are obsolete. I have made the layout of a book with a WordPerfect both in French and English versions. A Lao version is in preparation, unfortunately there will be no way to do it with WordPerfect... I will not try with MS Word, maybe with LibreOffice...

  • My experience with WordPerfect has been most enjoyable when I create macros.  One can do almost anything with a macro.  I used to create custom macros for large NYC law firms.

    A lot of what JamesM wants can be accomplished through macros.  I remember one law firm that I worked for had coded a macro to strip a lot of the MSWord formatting junk out of the document.  Unfortunately, no macro can get it all, but most of it can be deleted, resulting in a workable document of a reasonable size that doesn't suddenly freeze or become corrupted.

    By the way, WP-X6 runs best in WinXp (service pack 3) compatibility.  Many of the problems mentioned above disappear when doing this.  I'll put directions on how to do this up at another time... or someone else in the community can do that.

    Otherwise, I find MSWord confusing and constantly changing.  (Why?  Microsoft wants to rule the world...!!  Constantly changing what goes into a .DOC provides continual challenges for conversion filters.)  THAT is the main reason that I love WordPerfect.  I can still use the classic keyboard (F10 Save, SHFT-F7 Print, etc.), which, Mr.Accessibility, helps me be more productive by using the keyboard rather than the mouse.  Documents are formatted to print quicker than any other program I come across, returning me to the editing window sooner so that I can continue my work.

    And WordPerfect is a good "desktop publisher."  People ask me, "Did you use MS Publisher?", and the are amazed when I tell them that I used WordPerfect.

    I don't think anything can tear me away from WordPerfect, in spite of the current list of problems, many of them connected to the various attempts by Microsoft to "improve" Windows.  I usually find workarounds to all of WordPerfect's glitches.

    Keep the faith, everyone!!

  • I wanted to share with you my post about word Perfect 5.1 for DOS at Technology Air Time,


    Word Perfect 5.1 for DOS, which produced less Technology Air Time than other word processors running in GUI’s – Graphical User Interfaces.

  • Been using WP since 3.0  on Dos 2.0

    Currently run 6x 5x and 3x on various machines

    Like it because it works.


    Tabs for open documents. Across the top or down the sides.  Maybe a side bar which is hidden unless I pop it.

    Automatic saves to save in current directory of working document if previously opened or saved to there.

    For bringing in sections from MS Word documents please have option to highlight block and strip all formatting from block except Bold, underline, italics, and alignment of left, center or right.

    Stuff coming in from word redefines fonts, styles and coffee mixture every other world. Need simple way to get rid of all MS word junk formatting.

    I want BETTER handling of Outline Bullets and Numbering. Both for setting up outlines, and for controlling multiple outlines in a document. Iseem to spend a lot of time un-f-ing outline numbers in legal documents that are not behaving. More standard styles built in might help.

    I can setup a default document heading so all new documents have that style when they first open. i.e. Font, line spacing, page setup....

    How about having the ability to store SEVERAL so when I open a new document I get the default OR one of the prior defaults I have setup, without having to create a number of templates.  For example when I open a document to start a motion I want the document default to be double line spacing, but for memos and letters I want single.

  • I’m in the DOS club—people who began using WordPerfect at version 5 at the turn of the 1990s. For me, it’s the only word processor that works. Word’s learning curve is far too steep: I can get things done in a fraction of the time in WordPerfect. However, I have to echo some comments above: the absence of Unicode remains a very serious omission. The multinational characters are great but it is the 2010s now: there should be a way of porting those to Unicode equivalents, and allow non-Latin users the opportunity to experience what we all love about WordPerfect.