We introduced Corel's third mobile app today… the first Productivity app from Corel designed to work on both the iPhone and iPad.

Available from iTunes for purchase today, our loyal users will now be able to view, share and store their WordPerfect documents on the go! Users who rely on WordPerfect will now be able to take care of business on the fly and keep important projects moving.  

If you work with WordPerfect documents and have an iPhone or an iPad, please check out the apps at www.corel.com/wpiphoneviewer & www.corel.com/wpipadviewer . Make sure you let us (and the rest of the world) know how much you like them!



  • To Jay, who asked to let others know how much we like the ipad apps, I say, sadly, that today I retired WordPerfect from all use in my law practice after over 15 years as a dedicated user. The WordPerfect viewer is worthless.    Because I can not modify WP document  from my iPad, which I use everyday in court,  I started using Word and am now using it exclusively.  I know only one lawyer still using WP and I know his staff is learning Word to eventually phase out WP.  If Corel intended to drive away legal practitioners, it could not have done a more effective job.  What a waste.

  • Hi!

    I have to say, I'm really disappointed with the lack of iPad support for WordPerfect documents.

    I admit, I've been way behind on updating my current version of WP, still typing away in WP 11!  Figuring I should get with the times, I came to see what the support was like for ebooks and iPad.  It seems odd to me that X6 helps create ebooks - which I read exclusively on my iPad :) - but that I still can't edit my native WP documents on the same device?!

    Frankly, the viewer isn't much of an incentive either.  Most major document creation programs - even specialty applications like Final Draft - have a viewer available for free.  My current situation, if I stay with WP, is that I would have to ask people receiving my documents to pay $6 just to see them.  That is not an attractive proposition - in fact, I think it is pretty much a deal breaker for a continued relationship with WP.  Which really doesn't make me happy.  

    I would love to continue using WP, but, as I work more and more on my iPad, and other people around me work more on their mobile platforms, it just doesn't seem practical.

    Hope to see big moves forward soon!


  • WP for IPad.

    With all the tens (hundreds) of thousands of iPad/phone apps in the marketplace, it truly astounds me that there is not an app that will allow me to open, edit and create WP doc's on my iPad.

    Really, a genuine state of disbelief overcomes me.  A viewer may be nice, but it does not come close to cutting it when a WP doc needs to be opened or, for that matter, when I want to create a WP doc on my iPad.

    How lame is it to try to convert a .pdf of a WP doc into a usable file?   Really inept.

    Sorry, but it is not as if the iPad were launched just this year.  What kind of a company does Corel think it projects as not being able to develop a usable app for the iPad?

    Makes one wonder.


  • I'm very disappointed with the new version of the iPad viewer. It no longer has the ability to resize text. Also the integration with dropbox doesn't work for me!

  • Only problem is, the hyperlinks are not hot in any PDF viewer I have tried. And when I exported the document to HTML, from WP, the pictures disappear.

    I  wonder if I can export the document with pictures and hotlinks to MS Word format?