Arch 'D' Size Output (paper size) in Corel Fusion

I have downloaded the free trial version of Corel PDF Fusion.  One of my key requirements will be to print output from my CAD package to a .pdf format for permit submittal.  PDF Fusion doesn't appear to have the industry standard Architectural 'D' size (24" x 36") sheet size as an option in the page layout.   Note that it has the ANSI 'D' size (22" x 34"), but this is not acceptable.

Can anyone confirm if this papersize is available in the full (paid) version of PDF Fusion? 

Is it available as a separate download from the website? 

I have looked i the software, but there doen't appear to be a way to create a custom paper size for output - can anyone confirm if this is available in the full (paid) version of PDF Fusion?