Fusion Help - overwrite file, several preference, profile and settings dialogs


Firstly, I am rather disappointed that the user base of Fusion is so small. The program works fine, so I wonder why there is so little interest in it. Anyway ...............

I am tired of Fusion adding an incrementing digit to the file name with each new save. In one set of settings, I managed to make that happen, but cannot select that option again even though the 'overwrite' selection is made. Does anyone know how to do this?

That brings me to the real problem - so many different settings dialogs. From inside Fusion, I can use 'Edit/ Preferences' or 'Save As' and then edit the profile. Or I can use the settings option on the tab from within the application where Fusion is added-in. The problem is - these settings dialogs are all different. It is co confusing knowing which dialog to use when wanting to make change to the setings. Can anyone explain the rationale behind this? 

Cheers - Neville