Corel PDF Creator won't tell me where it's writing my files

The Corel PDF Creator came with PDF Fusion.  I can select it from the available printer drivers when I choose to print a file such as a Web page or email, for example.  Indeed, the dialog box comes up, but it never allows me to select where to write the PDF file it creates.  I've gone so far as to search the entire computer without being able to ascertain where it's putting it's PDFs if, indeed, it's writing them at all.

Has this bug been described?  I cannot find a setting for the "save" location in PDF Fusion, and there's nothing in the little dialog box that Corel PDF Creator brings up.  Corel's site has nothing on this at all.

Thanks for any insights anyone can offer.


Ron Miller

Columbus, OH  USA

  • I remember from WordPerfect that in the settings controls there is a "Files" option.

    Sadly, I cannot find anything similar in the "preferences" part of the "Edit" menu...

    Have you tried searching for ANYTHING that's a file created or modified "today"? I have had trouble finding stuff when I learned that the file type was NOT being "seen". That was specific to the software I was using to open photos--it was not set to open .png format files.

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