Why are all it's output PDFs upside down and in mirrored-imaged!?!?

So I bought, installed, and registered the latest PDF Fusion directly from the Corel store the other day, and I've received the registration confirmation email.

But every time I create a new PDF output file (such as by combining 2 other PDF files), when I open the output in Adobe Reader or any other PDF reader (even PDF Fusion), every page is both upside-down and every single character shows its mirror image!

I'm no Leonardo Da Vinci, and I doubt those reading my PDF Fusion-produced files possess Leonardo's mirror-image reading skills either, so what the heck??

For the record, since the program is successfully registered, the free version's Watermarking is off, so it's not something weird like that, but who knows?

Also, I tried sending a tech support request on this question, but the support request form requires a "support code".  Corel swears up and down that the registration confirmation email I received would have that code, but there's NO code of any kind in the message!


  • Hi

    I'm sorry you are having such a rough beginning with the product.

    If you could email: wpofeedback@corel.com with your contact information I will log a support ticket on your behalf. As well, if you can share any of the files you've been working with, we can start researching the problem.


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