uninstall hasn't worked properly

As part of an upgrade install to WordPerfect X6, I downloaded a trial version of PDF Fusion. I only had it on for one or two days and hated it. It clashed with my Adobe Acrobat (full version). So I uninstalled it and now all the PDFs that come in via email and the ones sitting on my computer are shown with an icon that is not the ‘true’ PDF icon but this rectangular shape like a piece of paper with a turned down corner top right and a box inside that looks like a window with six coloured images (very small so hard to see exactly what the coloured icons are).

I want my computer to show PDFs as PDF documents, not this icon that is usually reserved for files that the computer doesn’t know what format it is in.

Hope someone can help. BTW, I have turned the computer on and off, but that hasn’t made any difference.

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  • Hi WendyMac:

    It sounds like your file association for pdfs was changed when you installed PDF Fusion.  To change the association back to Acrobat, right click a PDF file on your system and click Properties.  Click the Change button to change the 'Opens with' option and choose Adobe Acrobat from the list.

    Hope this helps,