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I am portuguese so excuse me if my english is bad :s

I'm currently working on a Word Document, in which I have to put do images that I want to have subtitles as Grafic.

I also want to put those two images side by side.

I put both images as Tight and I put them side by side.

Then, I right click on the left image and select: insert caption - grafic - and then I wrote the name I wanted after grafic 1.

Then, I right click on the right image and do the same thing, but I changes the order. Makes the left image become Grafic 2 and the right image Grafic 1.

How can I solve this ?

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  • I assume you mean you are working in a WordPerfect document, not a Microsoft Word document.

    In WordPerfect, the order of the [Box] codes in the Reveal Codes window determines the order of the Figure numbers when you use Captions.

    Here's an easy way rearrange the order of the images (I just did this in WordPerfect X6 -- and it worked fine -- but other WordPerfect versions should be the same).

    #1. First, determine which [Box] code is responsible for each image. (Be sure there are Captions visible in each image so you can see their numbers.) In Reveal Codes, double click on one of the [Box] codes. The image should become selected in the document (8 small black squares appear around the image and an "Edit Box" dialog appears next to the image).

    #2. Click outside the image or the [Box] code to de-select it (and also remove the Edit Box), then repeat step #1 for the second image. While doing this, look in Reveal Codes and take note of which [Box] code is responsible for each image.

    #3. Select just the [Box] code in Reveal Codes for one of the images. (Shift + Arrow makes this easier in Reveal Codes.)

    #4. Cut the [Box] code to the Windows clipboard with Ctrl+x.

    #5. In Reveal Codes, position the cursor where you want that code to appear (i.e., to the left or to the right of the other [Box] code, depending on where it should be in the order of codes).

    #6. Then paste it there with Ctrl+v.

    The Figure numbers should automatically change to the new order. For example, Figure 1 becomes Figure 2 or vice versa.