WP X7 Problem in Publishing to PDF

When I have a document that contains Textart, boxes with textures backgrounds, etc., the PDF version of it will not publish the textured backgrounds, and the Textart has a white background, which is quite a nuisance if I am trying to put the Textart on a dark background.  I had this problem with X4 as well.  I hope I made this understandable.  Can anybody help?

  • Hello,

    There appears to be two issues at play here:

    1) A text box's pattern fill is not always published to PDF.  I have reproduced this on my system but it's very odd.  I've managed to fix the issue by playing with the PDF settings but no specific setting seems to cause this... it just looks like changing settings seems to trigger and fix the problem randomly.  I will try to narrow down the issue and report it to the WPO development team.  In the meantime, all I can suggest is that you change a PDF publish setting, try publishing, rinse and repeat until it starts working again.  I was modifying the settings on the Objects tab, so that might be your best bet as well.

    2) Transparent TextArt backgrounds are published as opaque white.  I believe this would happen when publishing any OLE object to PDF.  The only workaround I was able to find for this was to create the TextArt in Presentations, cutting it, using "Paste Special" to re-insert it as a "Metafile Picture", fixing the color (pasting as a metafile messes up the color), saving as a WPG, and inserting the WPG into WP.  This causes the TextArt to be published to PDF as a proper vector image (just like clipart), retaining the transparent background.

    Hope that helps,


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