A book on Quattro Pro formulas, functions, and macros

I've been working on a book that compiles much of what I've learned about Quattro Pro, and this is the result:

Exploring Quattro Pro Formulas, Functions and Macros
or its URL:

It covers basic and array formulas, many of the more commonly used functions, and many of the more commonly used macro commands. It is broken down into topical sections, and each section begins with a survey of the functions and macro commands pertinent to the topic. Many of these correct or extend information in the help file. The sections conclude with various real-need examples that arose either in my own use of QP or in forums like this.

It currently has about 186 pages of text, with an extensive table of contents and a fairly extensive index at the end, all generated by WordPerfect. The PDF is about 1.6MB in size.

There is no charge. Just remember the poor.

I will add to it from time to time, but it should always be at the site above.

I welcome feedback, additions, and corrections of all kinds.