Quattro Pro X9 Macro Operations - Error Message "Too Many Nesting Calls"

I've written what seemed like a simple macro to compare two lists - List 1 is the long list and List 2 is a short list which I need to evaluate to see if the names in List 2 are present in List 1.

The macro I will show below:  when I executed this macro it dropped down the longer list and threw up an error code "Too Many Nesting Calls"

Here's the macro: how can I resolve the problem in the macro?

Macro Parameters:   Test0 = @Cellpointer(Contents")

                                  List 1 is in Pane1, List 2 is in 2nd Pane - the panes are not syncronized

                                  9999999 is placed at the bottom of  List1             

Tester      {Calc}
                {Contents Test0, Test2}
                {NextPane 1}

Tester2    {D}{Calc}
                {Contents Test1, Test2}
                {IF Test1=9999999}{Eval2}
                {IF Test0=Test1}{Eval1}

Eval1      {NextPane}{L 4}y~
               {R 4}{D}

Eval2      {NextPane}{L 4}n~
               {R 4}{D}