Introducing WordPerfect Office 2020

Hello everyone,

With pride, I am happy to announce the release of WordPerfect 2020! Offering true office suite power, WordPerfect Office 2020 advances its legendary document control, file format support, eBook publishing, and more! Included in Office suite, this release strengthens renowned capabilities including Reveal Codes, PDF support & file compatibility, and more. 

I encourage you to try the demo if you have not already:

I would also love to hear your feedback on WordPerfect and what we can do to improve it for upcoming versions. I realize that there is a feature request section on the community but I'd like to ask the group here, what method would you prefer to deliver feedback and requests? Surveys, phone calls, emails, etc. I'm happy to entertain any form of communication to build a better product for your needs. 

Thank you for the continued support,

Greg Dillon

Associate Product Manager, Corel Corp. 

  • Hello everyone. I am testing some new methods of collecting data and I've built a Product Voting Board for WordPerfect that allows everyone to submit feedback and/or up/down vote on said feedback to allow the most current and widespread feedback to rise to the top. If successful, I'll be embedding it into the community and hopefully WP Universe if they allow. For now, please visit this link to try it out. I've put a few feature requests in myself to get the ball rolling so feel free to upvote/downvote or comment on what is already there. Also, this is a test at the moment so please let me know if this method works well for you or if any pain-points are encountered. Thanks! Greg

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