WP 2021

Just upgraded from WP 6.  When I try to upload micros to tool bar, I just get a symbol that looks like a cassette tape rather than the name of the micro.  How do I upload and get name?



  • You can use text labels to name toolbar buttons, but this probably works best if the toolbar is docked on the side of the screen rather than at the top or bottom.  But the appearance (text, icon, or both) on buttons applies to ALL buttons on the toolbar, so if this is not acceptable you can create (and display) a separate toolbar to hold such text-labeled buttons. (I do this with a "vertical toolbar" docked on the side of the window).
    Method to customize a toolbar: Click Tools> Settings> Customize to open the Customize Settings dialog. Use the Toolbars tab and choose (click on) the name of the toolbar to customize. Then click the Options button and choose the Button appearance (e.g., Text) and the Toolbar location (e.g., Right side).
    For more on creating new toolbars see my site at https://wptoolbox.com/tips/CreateToolbar.html.

  • For the appearance:

    Prepare or obtain a 16 x 16 .png file

    Rclick the Toolbar > Edit

    Rclick the icon>Customize>Import