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Hi, everyone!

WordPerfect Office X5 includes a wide variety of documentation, all of which is organized within (and accessible from) the new Reference Center. I thought you might be interested in a summary of what's included!

WordPerfect Office X5 provides eight PDF manuals:

  • User guide (installed, and stored on Disc 1; also available as a printed manual) -- a 312-page reference manual (in the style of the WordPerfect Office X3 printed manual) that is intended to introduce you to the main features of the software
  • Guidebook (installed, and stored on Disc 1) -- a tutorial-based beginner's guide (in the style of the WordPerfect Office X4 printed manual) that provides a more task-oriented approach to the software
  • User guide for PerfectScript (installed, and stored on Disc 1) -- an updated version of the printed PerfectScript programmer's guide from WordPerfect Office 9
  • User guide for VBA -- a programmer's guide that was previously included only with the Professional edition of WordPerfect Office
  • User guides for WordPerfect X5, Quattro Pro X5, and Presentations X5 (installed, and stored on Disc 1) -- complete guides to these programs (essentially, their main Help files in book form)
  • Content manual (stored on Disc 2) -- a gallery of the fonts and clipart that are found on Disc 2

WordPerfect Office X5 also installs over 30 Help files. Among the biggest improvements to these files are the following:

  • The Font toolbar button in each Help file adjusts the size of its text, while the Resources button provides access to more information on the Web.
  • The new "Help Finder" tools for WordPerfect, Quattro Pro, and Presentations let you search all Help files for the given program simultaneously.
  • The five (previously separate) PerfectScript Help files have been merged into a single Help file, for "one-stop shopping" on PerfectScript information. Also included with the software are spreadsheets that summarize the changes to PerfectScript and WordPerfect macro commands since version 8.

For more information on the WordPerfect Office X5 documentation, and for links to additional resources on the Web, please see the Reference Center that installs with WordPerfect Office X5.


I'm interested in your thoughts on the WordPerfect Office X5 documentation, and I have some specific questions I'd like to ask you in the near future.

If you aren't currently using WordPerfect Office X5, you can access a sampling of its documentation here on, at

Gord Roberts, Corel Documentation Team

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