Print a Folded Booklet with paging printed in correct order

I have created a divided page document set as a Booklet.  Format prints correct but it will not change the order of the pages so when folded they appear in correct order in the booklet.  I have it set for double side printing.  When printed it prints as though it is not to be folded.

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  • 1. Go to: File | Page Setup and choose Landscape Mode. On the Layout tab enter 2 for the Divide Page columns. 
    2. In the Print dialog box set the Properties for your printer to double-sided, if it is capable of this. On the Layout tab, the right-hand column is called Two-Sided Printing. Choose the Book option as well as the Print as Booklet check box.
    3. For more information, in the Help file search for "booklet" which leads you to "Printing double-sided documents." The last section is "To Print a Booklet."

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