Duplicate Cell properties automatically in Quattro Pro


Normally I work through challenges myself and learn as I go, but at the moment, time is in a crunch so I am in need to do a bit of brain picking to see my current project through in the fast lane.

I am fairly new to Quattro Pro and just bumping around using what I know from Open Office and Excel 97.

My current task at hand is:
I have multiple sheets, For sake of example, SheetA will be a master all other sheets contain parts (various cell content) from the master. This is not an problem, but what I am looking to do is not only duplicate cell content, but also cell properties. In other words, if I change cell "master:A2" to red with white text I would want the targeted cell "page2:B4" to also change to red with white text.

Seems it should be simple enough...

Thank you


  • I don't know a way to do this that is both automatic (i.e., requires no user intervention, even to start a macro) and applicable to all color properties. Two lesser options come to mind:

    1. A macro can do this close to automatically, but it would take writing the macro and then clicking a button to run it each time you want to update colors. If that would work for you, the QP book that Barry mentions may help. And if you want to discuss the macro-coding options, we can do that here.

    2. Or, if there is a rule for changing colors, say red for the text of negative numbers or blue for numbers within a particular range, that can be set to change automatically on a per-sheet basis. This wouldn't change the background colors of the cell, though, so it doesn't appear to be what you want.

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