Duplicate Cell properties automatically in Quattro Pro


Normally I work through challenges myself and learn as I go, but at the moment, time is in a crunch so I am in need to do a bit of brain picking to see my current project through in the fast lane.

I am fairly new to Quattro Pro and just bumping around using what I know from Open Office and Excel 97.

My current task at hand is:
I have multiple sheets, For sake of example, SheetA will be a master all other sheets contain parts (various cell content) from the master. This is not an problem, but what I am looking to do is not only duplicate cell content, but also cell properties. In other words, if I change cell "master:A2" to red with white text I would want the targeted cell "page2:B4" to also change to red with white text.

Seems it should be simple enough...

Thank you


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