Quattro Pro: Help with updating totals

I have a spreadsheet with stocks that updates to the current prices on loading.

I have a field (E8) for the total value of the portfolio.

I have another field (G8) for the maximum value of the portfolio.

On any given day, I want the value of G8 to automatically update to the value of E8 if the new Total Value (E8) is greater than the previous Maximum (G8).

It appears to be a circular argument, but there has to be a way to accomplish this (other than manually). Isn’t there?

Can anyone suggest a solution?

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  • I think you would need a macro somewhere. On loading, it could save your data to a separate page of the notebook, and G8 would contain an @MAX function (assuming that by "maximum value" you mean the highest value yet observed).

    Or a simple macro could be written (and stored in a button, or added to a macro that is run when loading prices) that would do what you want:

    {If E8>G8}{Let G8,E8}


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