Accidental Deletion of document


I was working on editing a document and had made considerable additions. Unfortunately, I have Parkinson's and accidentally keyed in 'Discard Changes' rather than 'Save Changes'. I have tried to recover the file without success. Is there, in fact, anyway I can restore the file ?

Regards and thanks in advance for any advice.

  • WordPerfect contains a fail-safe so that if you close WordPerfect and you have modified a document, it prompts you if you want to save the changes. If you select No, whether on purpose or by mistake, all changes to the file are lost. If WordPerfect closes abnormally and the WordPerfect timed backup feature was able to create a backup, than next time you launch WordPerfect, the system will prompt you to open the backup file. Please note than once the document has been saved sucessfuly, the backup file is erased from the backup folder and the timer for the timed backup is reset. This feature will not store backup copies of your saved documents.

  • There are any number of Undelete programs available. A Google search will find many.

    Note that if you have meantime saved any other file, it is likely that your deleted file has been overwritten and therefore is irrecoverable.

  • I accidentally keyed in ‘Discard Changes’ rather than ‘Save Changes’. ... Is there any way I can restore the file.

    If you actually did what you wrote you did, the file is there on the disk, large as life, just as it was before you edited it.