Full, annotated list oif ?LeftCode and ?RightCode values (visible in RevealCodes)

I have uploaded on www.wpuniverse.com/.../showthread.php a full list of the codes (which are visible in the RevealCodes screen) along with their ?Left/?RightCode values.

In comparison with Jullie Jeppson's list dating back to WP9, this new list contains 1073 code values, the triple in number. The method for to inserting or generating each code is explained. In addition, the table provides the macro commands, dialogs and tokens related to the codes and explains how?SelectedText and ?GetSelSizeEx handle each code. In comparison with J. Jeppson’s work, this table contains 188 new code values in addition to the 512 highlighting codes documented by Roy — in all, 1073 code values, nearly two thirds of them codes that did not figure in J. Jeppson’s compendium! The 188 new values are numbered (with the CountNewCode style). Some of them correspond to codes that have been reported on earlier lists as having a single value whereas they return different values for ?LeftCode and ?RightCode.

I have generated an instance of most of the codes listed in this table. The few unconfirmed codes figure in the rows with grayed cells. As explained for each unconfirmed code, there is reason to believe that these unconfirmed codes do (or did) exist. Many of them have search tokens (as far back as the first version of WP for Windows). A few have been listed because they should logically exist (given the structure of the modulus of code values of division by 256, as shall be explained in a forthcoming table) or because reliable sources, in particular Corel’s documentation, have reported them.

This wpd-file is indispensable for curious WP users and for the authors of macros. Corel might find it helpful to update some of its documents, most important its list of codes in the RevealCodes screen