Full list of CToN values

I have uploaded on https://www.wpuniverse.com/vb/showthread.php?443374 a "full" list of CToN values of WP characters, tokens and codes.

CToN values might appear to be a trivial topic. Is there anything worth saying about it? What about:
    — a substantial report on the 39 codes that yield CToN values? This question is important for the authors of macros.
    — a complete review of the CToN values of macro tokens?
    — a conspectus of information on WP’s puzzling Character Set 12?
    — a noteworthy remark about the difference between how WP’s macro and merge features handle hyphens?
    — a perplexing example of an empty variable that is not empty…?
    — a description of the curious cycle of CToN values and character sets, a loop as infinite as your computer (or PS) can manage: the so-called alternative CToN values plus the formula for calculating them?
    — the discovery of hereto unsighted critters (depicted by the letter y with an umlaut: ÿ and ÿÿ)?

For the very curious....

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