WordPerfect should enable the use of Alt+arrows for navigation in directory windows

A feature that is sorely lacking in WordPerfect and other WordPerfect Office applications is the possibility of navigating to the previous and next locations using Alt+arrow (left and right) and previous and next directory levels using Alt+arrow (up and down) as in the Windows File Explorer. This is surely a matter of adding four short entries to the code to make navigation in windows like Open File much easier and, at the same time, to create consistency with the way Windows works. Having to move the mouse to the "Go back one folder level" button is not the easiest way to navigate.

  • From your lips (or fingertips) to Corel's ears! This is so frustrating, especially with a shoulder injury, which can make using a mouse very painful. Since Alt+arrow navigation are Windows commands, it's almost as if they've been blocked for some reason.