Highlight Tabs

Hi. I'm running WordPerfect X7 on a PC with Windows 7 64-bit.  

When I highlight text that includes a Tab, the Tab space is not highlighted.

Is there a way to do this or would this be a bug or feature request?

I could not find anything under Settings, Tools, Font, or Line.  Is there some other place where I can specify "Highlight tab" like you would specify underlining for tab and spaces.



  • I don't think you can highlight tabs or indents since these format codes are non-printing items -- for example, [SRt] codes at the end of wrapped lines are also non-printing and are not highlighted.

    But if you are trying to highlight separate lines or paragraphs in block format you can [1] select the paragraph, and then [2] use Format> Paragraph> Border/Fill> Fill, and [3] choose a style and foreground color. This will "highlight" all items including tabs and end-of-line codes.

    Note that this puts a [Para Border] code at the top of that selected material, which can be removed later with Edit> Find & Replace (Match> Codes). (Or just use Edit> Undo.) The entire material up to the hard return or other paragraph enter will have the fill applied.

    You can also record a macro to quickly and easily apply the desired paragraph fill, and then assign the macro to a toolbar, keyboard shortcut, or menu. (See http://wptoolbox.com/tips/EasyPlay.html for more on this.)

    Here's an example of a recorded macro I recorded today (TextBorder...) to highlight the current paragraph in pale yellow. I added the If..Endif and SelectOff commands to help automate it:

        Messagebox(;;"Please select a line or paragraph first")
    TextBorderCreate (Style: NoBorder!; FillName: Fill30!; BorderFunction: ParagraphBorder!)
    FillColors (ForeRed: 255; ForeGreen: 255; ForeBlue: 0; ForeShade: 30; BackRed: 255; BackGreen: 255; BackBlue: 255;
    BackShade: 100)
    TextBorderEnd (State: Save!)